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A trove of treasures await as our artisans, craftsmen, and merchants present the finest wares in celebration of your visit. Delight in handcrafted jewelry, leather, pottery, woodwork, and more as you wander the lanes. Enjoy demonstrations as members of our craft guild explain not only the process of their craft, but the history of it as well.  

3 Dandelion Seeds - Pottery, Mugs, jewelry, and incense burners.

Alworthy's Forge, Esq-  Hand forged blacksmith items. 

Astral Apothecary-  Incense, sage bundles, oils, and lotions. 
Baba Yaga's bits and baubles - Jewelry , home décor, bones & fur. 
Baise's Woodcrafts​ - Wood furniture.

Birch Ridge Blacksmith​ - Camping gear and metal works.

Candy's Creations 4U - Steampunk jewelry, dragon eggs, potion bottles, hand fans, finger armor, steampunk accessories.

Celtic Moon Fortunes - Palm, Rune Stone, and Tarot Card Readings.
Custom Wood Burn - Hand burned boxes, plaques, wind chimes, etc.

Dungeoneer Outfitter - Wizard hats, bycocket, vests, pants, shirts, bodices, skirts, hoods, and scarves.

Du Puy Creations - Medieval instruments, fiber spinning equipment.

Enchanted Gifts - Shields, swords mugs, trinkets.

Forest Dragon - Face painting, Mermaid trinkets.

Faerie Finds -

Fairy Fyre  - Jewelry and accessories.
Friends in Need -  Plants, beagles, and granola.
Gypsy Strings and things - Toadstool stools, plague doctor rag dolls, adventure kits.

Illuminerdy  - Jewelry and accessories.
Highland Chainmaille Armoury  - Chainmaille jewelry, armour, and clothing.

Hook & Jill - Fantasy Books.

Jason Sinco Wood Working - Furniture and Wood Crafts.
Keelhaul Hats - Pirate hats.
Keltner's Carvings - Drinking horns. 

Knight Fantasies  - Dragon eggs, wood boxes and plaques, stuffed dragons.
Kilt Kountry - Scottish attire and goods.

Lady Mc Snood - Hair snoods, bun covers, hair sticks.

Lady Sophies - Capes, tunics, pants, and corset.

Lipstick Lunch Designs - Henna and hair clips.

Loneblood Keepsakes - Jewelry and resin , garb new and used, figurines , kids toys.

Lucinda's Coffee and Tea Empourium -  Hot and cold tea & coffee. Hot chocolate and cider. 

Mare Draconis - Pirate garb, wooden belaying pins, and jewelry .

Medieval Metal - Jewelry and hair accessories.
Molly's Wee Wardrobe - Renaissance clothing.

North Tortuga Trading Company  - Pirate garb and accessories. 

Oakheart Armory - Leather products, wood shields and swords, foam weapons and shields.

Obsindian Sithin - Wooden fantasy animal puzzles, stick horse dragons, wind flapping hanging dragons, and jewelry. 
Princess Braid - Hair braiding. 

R & R Custom Creations - Metal signs and Celtic jewelry.
Rencycledesigns - Flower crowns, upcycled garb, hand made puppets, and accessory items.

Ridge Runner Canvas - Wood swords and knives, bows, materials, beeswax candles, buttons, and buckles.

Riverbend Maille and More - Wood swords and knives, bows, materials, beeswax candles, buttons, and buckles.

Simply Nixe - Wire wrapped jewelry , tree sculptures .

Six of cups -  Unique Fantasy & Fairy wear, Aether world Victorian and Steam punk accessories. 

Steam Pop Creations - Large and small horns for forehead, crowns, dragon tails, hand fans, jewelry, and wands.
The Hazel Moon -  Cloaks, clothing, jewelry, wood working.
The Knotted Cloak -  Cloaks and build a bear.

The Nightingale's Nest -  Posable dolls, bags, scarves, head wear, fantasy themed lanterns, and scarves.

The Pelican and The Lion - Candles and candle holders.

The Tinkerz Wife -  Seasonings, soups, and honey.

The Princess Braid -  Hair braiding.

Twisted Compass - Consignment shop, hand made and restored jewelry, historic cutlery, and nautical themed accessories.

Wandering Moon - Wax sealed spells, tree sculptures, dream catchers.

Weave a Good Yarn - Crocheted goods, rugs, scarves, trim, book marks.

Wenches' Workshop - Handmade garb, jewelry, accessories, and tote bags.

Woodland Archery - Longbows.

Ye Olde Funny Portraits - Caricatures,  mattes and frames.

Zettlemoyer Pottery - Pottery and India prints and scarves, tea, and spice .




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