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The Central Missouri Renaissance Festival provides a variety of unique Sponsorship Opportunities designed to reach the 10,000+ patrons who will visit the Festival over 2 consecutive weekends in the spring and again in October on each Saturday and Sunday.


Sponsorships are a unique marketing opportunity that will be modified from a Basic Sponsorship Package to fit each Sponsor’s objectives and budget. The Festival will consider trade for services/product as partial payment for the Sponsorship fee on a case-by-case basis. Contact Bob Dierks, Sponsorship Coordinator at centralmorenfest, by phone at 573-449-8637 or fill out our Contact Form to begin creating your unique Sponsorship Package.


Central Missouri Renaissance Festival Customer Profile

  • Core Demographic: Adults 18-49

  • 57% Female / 43% Male

  • Household Income: $35,000 - $75,000

  • Socially Active – Enjoy Outdoor Festivals, Events & Concerts

  • College Degree or Post-Graduate Degree

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